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Wednesday, March 11, 2015Omobaswagz H

It's been a quite a while I wrote any #StartYourWeekRight article and there's really no excuse for not doing that... How was your weekend and how has the year been so far.? I'm guessing it's been great... 

So tonight while thinking about to write i had a discussion with a friend which made me realize one thing - What people say in your absence is more valid than what they say in your presence.

What speaks for you in your absence is your character. Your character will never betray you. It will present you perfectly well anywhere anytime.

Your character will represent you accurately and perfectly.

Your character is your most credible credential.

Rather focus on your character which will keep speaking for you anytime anywhere.
Reputation might be erased but achieved through character stands forever.

Have a blessed and wonderful week!!

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