Matrix Director Sex Change: Larry Wachowski Now Wants to Be Called 'Lana

Tuesday, July 31, 2012Omobaswagz H

Lana Wachowski the director of Matrix trilogy has appeared in a video introducing the trailer for her new movie, “Cloud Atlas,” a drama starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry  — a film on which Lana shares directing credit with her brother Andy Wachowski and “Run, Lola, Run” director Tim Tykwer. But Lana was also introducing herself — as a woman.

The filmmaker formerly known as Larry Wachowski, half of the sibling duo behind “The Matrix” series and “Speed Racer,” Wachowski has been undergoing hormone therapy as part of his sex change treatment for nearly a decade now, according to the Daily Mail (UK).

“Cloud Atlas,” which premiered a more than five-minute trailer and a brief, introductory video by its filmmakers on iTunes on Thursday, will be Lana’s first feature directing credit under her new name and identity.

At the height of The Matrix's popularity, Wachowski left his wife for a dominatrix called Ilsa Strix. Here's hoping he's found happiness since then. Na wa oooo .

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