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Welcome to to Aloteda's Blogzine 

Aloteda's Blogzine is one of the hottest celebrity gists, music and all round entertainment sites on the net. Adekoya Tola is the writer and editor of the site. And Aloteda's Blogzine is the product of his obsession with all that is Nollywood and celebrity.

We Kicked off in October, 2011. Word of mouth traveled fast for a reason. It’s the perfect mix of gossip, entertainment, and swagger. The focus is fashion, fabulousness, gossip, and foolywang. And if gossip were fashion, Aloteda's Blogzine would be couture. No celebrity is spared......*winks*

Tola Adekoya is an Easy going and fun loving down to earth kind of guy who loves to have a good time with friends, and he is someone who believes laughter is great for the soul. He went to the Prestigious King’s College Lagos “Floreat”!!! and went further to study Public Administration in the university.

 Aloteda's Blogzine  is where YOU live the fabulous life. Everybody worth talking about is living it….are you????

It's all about Entertainment, lifestyle, and we deliver just the way you want it.....shikena

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