PCE Crew Release New Album ‘Rewired’ Cover Art Cc:[ @Dapsy_Do, @DeeRoye, @AY_NaijAmerican, @wollywood_pce, @Fem_D ]

Monday, September 02, 2013Omobaswagz H

Introducing the PCE Crew’s sophomore album titled REWIRED” which is due to drop on 8th of September. Meanwhile, they are also working on a tour after the album release.

About PCE Crew:

PCE Crew is a leading group of Nigerian producers, singers and MCs (Fem-D, AY, Wollywood, Dapsy Do & D-Roye) based in the United States. Displaying a wide range of creativity and innovation, PCE Crew has crafted a brand new sound, while maintaining the Nigerian hip-hop flavor.Komole was the first single off PCE Crew’s album and garnered public acclaim; quickly becoming a favorite for the young and old alike. The first album also includes hits like Elevate, Naija Boy and the ballad Like an Angel.   PCE Crew has shared the stage with various artists including William Murphy, Tye Tribett, Midnight Crew, to mention a few.
Follow the guys on twitter:

@Dapsy_Do, @DeeRoye, @AY_NaijAmerican, @wollywood_pce, @Fem_D

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