The Human Mind By @phe_mi

Thursday, July 31, 2014Omobaswagz H

My pen lies forlorn on a blank sheet of paper, I stare at the paper like an artist looks at a potential canvas. My mind draws up multiple simulations that could end up on this paper. I shove them all out my mind and write about the simulation, the prompting to write, to bring an idea to life, to pass on knowledge, everything starts from the mind for in the mind lies the eye of the universe and until you look through this eye you may not see the universe in its entirety, for in the mind is born imagination which is translated to an idea and becomes a dream. 

For the mind is a keeper of great secrets and most are only let out when certain situations bear on humanity or when there is a spark of inspiration, then I wonder why release only when there is need for it.

It then dawns on me that a sequence must be followed. For the mind can only act/make use of the resources of the present, and only with the present can the future be achieved.

In lay-mans terms, there has to be stone for there to be fire and fire for there to be metals.

THE MIND is man's greatest tool with it you can achieve anything.

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