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Kate Henshaw and Konga.com Want You to Be Fit For Life Starting Now

Friday, January 24, 2014Omobaswagz H

High ranking among the many New Year resolutions of most Nigerians this year will be getting and staying fit and Kate Henshaw, one of Nollywood’s most beautiful and talented actresses in collaboration with Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall, Konga.com wants to ensure that this resolution is achieved.

Apart from the fact that she’s beautiful and talented, one other thing that stands Nigerian actress and celebrity, Kate Henshaw out is her body. Since most Nigerians have been dying to know what exactly her workout comprises of, Kate has been benevolent enough to share her fitness regimen with the world.

Yes, the secret is out! In this new DVD called Kate’s Fit for Life, Kate shares the amazing formula that has kept her body in tip-top condition.

The DVD reloaded for 2014 is a first in the series of workout videos Kate will be releasing. It also comes with a free six-week meal planner and a dance video. This DVD is intended to help you start an exercise routine and eating pattern leading to a healthier, better YOU. It is low impact and should be easy to follow. Exercising is a lifestyle and not a momentary activity so, get the DVD, go steady and work it the Kate Henshaw way. I assure you, you ain’t got your best body yet! The DVD is available on Konga.com. (Get it here!)

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