GUEST POST: Changes To The Nigerian Development In 2014.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014Omobaswagz H

It definitely has been a long journey for our beloved country Nigeria. Everybody wants to see that changes in the country even I myself.

The country so far from the day of its independence "Oct 1st 1960" has forever been in struggle, striving hard with both its Economic Sector, Political Sector and Educational Sector.

Now, let's talk reality.....

Statistical an average Nigerian wants a good life and it is not too much a demand from the people to the government.. I really hope you did agree with me on that?

Various issues being a concern to each and everyone, I will be stating out on some points and also kindly share with the world your additional opinion which will be appreciated.

By: Ogundele Damilola (ExclusiveRawNaija Blog)

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