British Council Lagos Theatre Festival

British Council’s 2nd Lagos Theatre Festival To Hold From Feb 28 – March 2nd

Wednesday, January 29, 2014Omobaswagz H

The British Council has announced that it will be teaming with local film producers for the 2nd Lagos Theatre Festival slated for February 2014.

According to a statement released by the British Council in Nigeria, a theatre director from the United Kingdom will collaborate with a local producer to produce a new show that will be presented at the festival in addition to other plays developed from stories inspired by the city of Lagos.

It is believed that this development will mark the beginning of what would be the injection of fresh ideas and stories from, and about, the Lagos experience. It is also a continuation of the collaboration between Nigerian and United Kingdom theater sectors to boost theatre practice in Nigeria.

The stories that will be presented during the festival include, ‘The Diagnosis’ by Bode Asiyanbi, ‘Queen of the Night’ by Anthony Bosko and ‘Waiting for a Lottery’ by Femi Kayode Amogunla.

Ojoma Ochai, Assistant Director, British Council, said the stories chosen are beautifully written and they capture the essence of living in a city that never sleeps, adding that, “they are poignant, joyous and most importantly, original.”

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