Over 5 Million Naira To Be Won In 12 days Of Christmas Giveaways & other promos on Konga.com This Christmas SEASON

Thursday, December 12, 2013Omobaswagz H

One of the best things we all look forward to this Christmas season are the gifts we get from friends, family and colleagues, and Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall, Konga.com is rewarding friends and loyal customers in a 12 days of Christmas giveaways.

For 12 days this December, from Dec 12 to Dec 23,2013, Konga will be giving loyal customers who have shopped in the last 90 days the opportunity to participate in a treasure hunt and win prizes of over 2million naira.

Lucky winners will be recorded in the 12 days while other loyal customers who spend up to N5000 are already enjoying discounts of up to N1500 off with a special coupon code on Konga.com 

The 12 days of Christmas giveaways is modelled around the classic Christmas song; “12 days of Christmas”

DEC. 12: Find a drummer drumming and win 2,500. Up to 12 winners.
DEC. 13: Find a piper piping and win 3,750. Up to 11 winners.
DEC. 14: Find a lord leaping and win 5,000. Up to 10 winners.
DEC. 15: Find a lady dancing and win 7,500. Up to 9 winners.
DEC. 16: Find a maid milking and win 10,000. Up to 8 winners.
DEC. 17: Find a swan swimming and win 15,000. Up to 7 winners.
DEC. 18: Find a geese laying and win 25,000. Up to 6 winners.
DEC. 19: Find a gold ring and win N37, 500. Up to 5 winners.
DEC. 20: Find a calling bird and win 50,000. Up to 4 winners.
DEC. 21: Find a French hen and win 75,000. Up to 3 winners.
DEC. 22: Find a turtle dove and win 100,000. Up to 2 winners.
DEC. 23: Find a partridge in a pear tree and win 250,000.
Just 1 grand prize winner!

To Konga.com, Christmas is not just a single day; it's a season of forgiveness, laughter, love, sharing and plenty of happy shopping. 

Daily winners will be announced on the Konga blog/social media pages and cash prizes will be credited to their Konga accounts to allow an amazing Christmas shopping experience.

You can find out more information on Konga’s blog here and can participate in the giveaways here.

All this special promos and giveaways are Konga’s ways of celebrating and rewarding customers for a fantastic year and for choosing to make Konga.com number one for all shopping needs.

Let the Competition begin!

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