Independent Musicians and Producers Becoming Full Time Music Business Entrepreneurs Now In Nigeria [@saintphemmy]

Friday, December 20, 2013Omobaswagz H

Compliments of the season to all music industry professionals and fans. It's indeed a great season and many things are happening. Yes, after a long break from writing and i am back but this time, i will love to dish out quick advice to as many independent artists,producers and professionals who will be fortunate to read this article.
I remain yours truly Oluwafemi Lawal, co-founder of Mega Points International(Africa's 1st Independent A&R/Promotion Company), MD Music2Deal Nigeria and Co-founder of Music Industry Media- Publishers of "The Music Industry Newsletter"; the only music industry publication focusing on the business side of music.
Music Business Entrepreneurship is becoming the order of the day as various artists, djs and producers are going independent as labels in the Nigeria Music Industry(Interesting you will say).  When i got news that producer of Da Grin's "If I Die" Frenzy is unveiling a new label "SOSOHITS ENTERTAINMENT" in partnership with a new artist name Nasty J, i must confess i was really happy for the duo. In the music industry of today where many artists are still hoping on getting signed by one big major label, others are smart enough to invest on themselves.
This should serve as a wakeup call for every independent artists out there. Aside from Frenzy and Nasty J, there are still couples of other smart talent who are on the same path as an independent music business entrepreneur. Like i always say if you believe in yourself, you don't need to wait for someone to invest on you. Invest in yourself and potential investors will pick interest in you.
The duo of Frenzy and Nasty J are sure to be among the next big music business executives in the next few years, if they can play their cards well.  Presently we have the likes of Iyanya, Olamide and others who are a co-founder of their own flagship labels. The music business and recording industry is a comprehensive business and major understanding of the structure on how things work is necessary for every entrepreneur investing in the business.
My advice for the duo of Frenzy and Nasty J will be to learn about more about income opportunities in the music business, and develop a strategy to break in and succeed in the music industry. This can only be possible with a proper music business plan.  Music as a business needs a proper professional plan to work. This is one of the reasons why many starts a label and within the next few months or years they are out of the market.
Like i always say" You can start a business without a plan but for you to succeed and remain in the business you will need a proper planning". Understanding the business aspects of music will goes a long way to help you as a music business entrepreneur.
Many are discouraged because their thoughts on record label are money.
Believe me brothers and sisters if you are as talented as you claimed you are, you can start up something by yourself just like Frenzy and Nasty J who are now joining the league of other independent artists like Iyanya who are already making it in the music business.
Looking forward to what SOSOHITS ENTERTAINMENT, Nasty J and producer Frenzy have to offer us. 
Oluwafemi Lawal 

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