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Our Text is taken from Malachi 2 vs. 14

'I want a divorce' is a statement that was once a taboo. Now, it readily comes to the lips of couples when they face various challenges in marriage. Is divorce really the solution? Are there cases where divorce is the only option?

It is better to not to marry than to marry and make a mess of marriage, because Marriage in itself is a Covenant. Your spiritual maturity has to do with the understanding of what marriage is, because Marriage is a covenant. Marriage is not a natural thing and it’s not two guys that just like themselves, the whole concept of Love is Spiritual.

In verse 14, God is saying you have dealt wrongly with the wife of your youth, wife of companion and wife of your covenant, meaning Marriage is a Covenant.

While in verse 15 God was saying he made man and woman so that they can raise a Godly seed. In Plain English “GOD HATES DIVORCE” Mal 2:16

Please note this broadcast which was sent and I feel it in my heart to share with you guys and it says:

The rate at which Marriages collapse now is assuming a social status symbol in our society, which is becoming a thing of Pride. In no time, people would be throwing divorce parties, and inviting friends and well wishers to celebrate divorce anniversaries. They would choose Aso - ebi, even hire a hall and popular musicians and what have you…

Even a question like “So when are you getting divorce? Would become common.

-  If you know you cannot handle the weight and pressures of marriage, “PLEASE   REMAIN SINGLE”

-  If you know you don’t know what marriage is all about? PLEASE REMAIN SINGLE UNTIL YOU DO

-  If you are getting married because of the things you desire or the things you hope to gain from the other person, “PLEASE REMAIN SINGLE”

-  If you know you can’t be Faithful, “PLEASE REMAIN SINGLE”

*Very Important*

-  If you can’t endure insults from one another “PLEASE REMAIN SINGLE”
-  If you cannot forgive each other’s wrongs, “PLEASE REMAIN SINGLE”
-  If you can’t place your spouse above every other being, “PLEASE REMAIN SINGLE   
Don’t get married out of desperation… All my friends are getting married, is the most foolish reason to get Married.

You desire a successful Home, but your choice of friends are forces not to reckon with, think again, be very mindful of where you go for advices. Many would gve but not many would mean well.

For the Guys:

If you know you can’t put your wife ahead of your EGO, PLEASE REMAIN SINGLE” until you are mature. Your wife is your priority, and everything else including you comes last. You are the teacher, guide, bodyguard, the role model. You are not a deity or a god so you do not need to be worshiped. You need respect, so earn it by being responsible.

For the Ladies:

Ladies if you know you can’t be submissive, please don’t get into marriage, so you are not turned into a punching bag, if you know you can’t stand being corrected, please remain single. Mr. & Mrs. I know it all. Ladies check your domestic scorecard, if your score is Zero, please stay in your parents house.

People make your marriages work, Marry for Love, Marry your friend and PUTGOD1ST

There is no day divorce can be right, because there is nothing wrong with forgiveness. Matt 19: 3 – 10.

Whenever you are considering divorce it is because of the hardness of your heart, and it not because of the offence of the spouse but the remedy is taking Heed to your spirit… 

As a Christian Please note Matthew 19: 3 vs. 9 as spoken by Jesus himself. Divorce has nothing to do with the wrong done to you but with your inability to obey GOD's word - hardness of heart.

There are no grounds that makes divorce the best option. Even in the case of fornication, you can forgive as a good Christian, Even in the case of abuse except in a life threatening situation you should stay & work on yourself. A soft answer stops beating (Prov15:1).  Adjust your thinking. If you blank your mind & know that divorce is not & option & you must stay in the marriage, you will find a way

Love is not Rude, Love is not self-seeking, love is not easily angered and love keeps no record of wrongs.

Love keeps no record of wrongs. This means the issue of last year is forgotten. The issue of last week isn't kept.

Love always protects. Love always trusts. True love never fails.

It is better to end the courtship than to end up in court trying to end the marriage.

I recommend you get one of his Books 7 laws of Marriage but we would only mention two here:

One of the First law of marriage is that “You deserve who you marry” which means your choice is what you deserve, If you refuse to learn about marriage and you make a dumb choice, then you deserve that choice.

The Second law of Marriage is that the person you marry may never change. Don't enter marriage with the mindset that you would change your partner because they may never change.

I hope you were blessed by that! I certainly was! Please call the number below to order your own CD.

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I hope this message has blessed you and I look forward to hearing from you on how their CDs and books have changed your lives. Amen. God bless you all. 

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