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Album Review: Iceprince – Fire Of Zamani

The long awaited Fire Of Zamani album by Choc City Biggest export, Iceprince Zamani hit the stores finally amidst expectations from fans. This happens to be his second album after the impressive Everybody Loves Iceprince (E.L.I). After listening to this album, I took time out to listen and review song by song from one to the last.

His lyrical prowess speaks volume of his passion, sweat and efforts in a bid to deliver as promised. #FOZ is a follow-up to his incredibly lauded debut – Everybody Loves Iceprince [E.L.I] The excitement about this album is really crazy as there has been a lot of buzz about it on Social Media. With great collaboration with artists like Wizkid, Sunny Neji, Jeremiah Gyang, Burna Boy, Sound Sultan, Yung L, Wale, Morell and Chip. Credits goes to Sammy Gyang and Chopstix the engines behind this piece of work. The 18-tracker album is nothing short of entertaining and inspiring you. Tho, the album may have had a few short-comings, would you rate it above the previous work by him?

Track By Track Review.

Stars and Light Ft Ruby Gyang – For an intro, it was a perfect pick. When I heard this I was very impressed. The beautiful soul singer, Ruby as usual came clean with her Charming voice. Ice went in with his normal flow... he failed to stick to the storyline of it being an intro, at times it was like he was going off point but then it wasn’t too bad for an intro.              
Rating – 7/10.

Aboki – Obviously one of the biggest tracks by Iceprince... here he sticks to his Hausa traditional flow. Obviously can’t be called a rap song... naah except there’s a different meaning for rap. The beat was Sick, delivery was on point, He came with his usual lines. Obviously was a good jam. Credits to Chopstix for a nice beat too.      
Rating – 9/10

My Life – With a very good beat like that from Chopstix, Ice could have easily killed this one. He tried with his lines adding some humor in between. More like a typical Iceprince song. Generally it was an Ok track that gets you nodding all through cos of the beat.   
Rating 5.5/10

Mercy Ft Chip – Though, I’m not a fan of Chip, I looked forward to this track. Ice was very average on his verse where he brags about his girl with his traditional punch lines. Chip had a very short verse but came clean….. Too much singing again on a track like this that required both rappers to throw in their Rap abilities. Generally, it was below expectation for a rap track.           
Rating – 6.5/10

Whiskey Ft Sunny Nneji – The beat of this track got me shivering, very good beat but again a very poor chorus did not help. His story telling was impressive, as he tried to paint the live fast die young picture. It was obvious the rhymes at the end of every line didn't work out. Typical sunny Nneji kinda beat, he found it lot easier to find his way around the beat but we expected more for this kinda dope beat. I mean something like he did with Baby on E.L.I 
Rating 6.5/10

N-World – The don himself, Don Jazzy supplied a dope beat. Credits to him for bringing such level of creativity on a rap track. Although it sounded like a rip of that Rick Ross and Lil Wayne I’m not a star Beat. Iceprince did a good job on this track, I was really impressed with his lines on this track. It sounded more like a rapper was on the Mic. Could it be the Jazzy effect?? Lol.  
Rating 8/10

Jumbo – This was just another typical Iceprince track where he sounded like he did on VIP and Aboki. Obviously can’t be called a rap track. Don’t know the genre to place it in sef. In my opinion it was just there. The beat would definitely get you to move your body but then we need more than that from you Ice.Very average track         
Rating 5.5/10

No Die Tomorrow – He diverted here trying to address 2015 and other issues, he talked about the struggles of citizen’s and took on politicians who loot what belongs to the masses to live lavishly. Similar to somebody lied on his previous album. Basically saying hardwork pays despite the corruption amidst, standup and work hard was the obvious message.            
Rating 7/10

Gimme That – We shouldn't dwell on this for obvious reasons. Released same time as Aboki. They are obviously the fans favorite from this album.          
Rating 9/10

Komotion Ft Wizkid – Was expecting a big party jam as usual from Wiz but On this combination Wiz decides to go calm on the chorus. Iceprince on his part did very well on his rap where he went in on haters who would always criticize. A very good track generally and an improvement on Olofofo from E.L.I.             
Rating 7/10

Person Wey Sabi – Very Good song. If you love local music you would def fall in love with the beat of this track especially the local drum in the background that would get you nodding all through the song. Excellent delivery on it where he brags about his personal skills and wealth comparing him feeling like oil magnate Ayiri. Very good song that showed his diversity as a rap artiste. Getting someone like Wizzboy or Flavor would have given him a better result.                            
Rating 7.5/10

Kpako Ft M.I & Jesse Jagz – As usual he had to feature his Homeboys from Jos M.I and Jagz. Ice did a very good job on his verse where he acknowledged inputs from his Mum. M.I as usual went in with a new style, killed his verse, his delivery was a hundred. Jesse jagz didn’t do badly either. He actually had the best verse to me. Versatility, delivery and consistency as usual on his verses.    
Rating 8/10

Pray Ft Sound Sultan – He hired the expertise of Sound sultan where they both address those who keep and hating and always want to see people go down. Average track for me the beat didn’t help either.     
Rating 5/10

More – Already previously released. Here, he got the ladies with a very good love song that had a good video to depict it. What more need I say here…      
Rating 9/10

On My Knees Ft Jerimiah Gyang – Ice prince comes with an interesting concept on this one. He and Jeremiah did a nice job here remembering the people of Jos who over the years have suffered Religious riots and lost loved ones. A very creative track that added a bit of Jos instrumental spice to it. Shout out to Ice for getting Jeremiah Gyang in the studio to add his magical Touch to this track. It sounds like a classic one.                     
Rating 8/10

In summary, I’d give the album a 7/10. He tried to cover all genres of Nigerian music. Featuring the new school artistes and the oldies too. A big credit to him for that. Overall, would you rate this album F.O.Z over the previous one (E.L.I) or was E.L.I too big to be his first album? Did you expect more from him? Have your say.

Written By: Mackson Okotie [@MrLewinOkotie]

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