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Thursday, October 03, 2013Omobaswagz H

Rhodium Chef Global presents a culturally unique cooking competition. A suspense filled 8 episode cooking competition that showcases 20 aspiring chefs shortlisted from an entry of regular people from all walks of life in Nigeria.

Entry level

- Entry will be open to the general public across the country.

- Contestants are expected to register on-line and then will be invited for the auditions.
- During Audition, 60 contestants will be chosen. They will then go on to the Semi-finals.

Audition/Quick fire level
- During the audition stage, thousands of entry will be cut down through;
- Eligibility of the contestants
- Recipe for entrant’s cuisine
- Quick Fire to test the potentials of the contestants’ cooking ability


- For the semi finals we will have a total of 60 contestants.
- The 60 contestants will be put in groups of 10, and will begin training by the chef.
- We will eventually eliminate them down to 20.

Finale level: to get to the top 3 Chefs

- The Final 20 contestants will be given a Chef jacket and knife kits signed by the Master chef. Along with a Certificate of Participation signed by Master Chef and the Director of the Culinary Institute of arts Washington DC.
- After going through the tutelage of the Master Chef, the 20 contestant will then battle for the top 3 spot at the grand finale.
Grande Finale: The Master Chef
- The 3 finalist will travel with the Master Chef to Italy, there they will go through more training in different international cuisines.
- In Italy, the 3 finalist will battle it out for the ultimate title ‘Top Chef’.


Our celebrity chef
Celebrity stars both local and international
Instant winnings for viewers watching
The final 20 get certification by master chef and will win appliances to set them up for their cooking business
Final 3 get to travel to Italy for more training with another  world renowned chef

Click on the Link to register: http://makingofthechefng.com/site/register-2/

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