Join the ZERA [@ZERAMASSCHOIR] Choir today.... supported by MIDNIGHT CREW Music Ministries and E.M.I

Friday, October 04, 2013Omobaswagz H

Zera Mass Choir has opened its doors to receive new members. The recruitment exercise will take place between October 1st 2013 and November 30th 2013. Zera Mass Choir is a non-denominational choir based in Lagos, Nigeria; powered and fully endorsed by Midnight Crew Music Ministries and E.M.I. 

The goal of this choir is to take God's redemption message to the ends of the world through music and to create a platform for people with musical and singing abilities to find expression. This vision kicked off in October 2012 and rehearsals have been on since April 2013. For more information about Zera Mass Choir and how to be a part of it, please follow this link: http://emi.com.ng/index.php/zera-mass-choir

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