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 Our Text is taken from Gen 2: 15-18

The First thing GOD gave man when HE created HIM was not marriage. GOD gave HIM work! - A purpose. He gave Man work 1st , And when GOD saw man at work, did HE say HE would give a babe?? No. HE said, HE would give a help. God said he would make Man a HELP that is MEET [Note here that MEET means Suitable and Adaptable to Him]

If you are a man and you do not have a job or work or clear cut purpose at work, then you have no business getting a relationship.  If you enter a relationship without having a purpose or work, you have already chosen wrong… You cannot choose a help for life without having a purpose or work for life.

You need to have work before you have a helper that is suitable and adaptable, note it is also important to all the women. You are made to help. You are a helper and not a poser

Once you pick the right helper, there is no need for long talking.. GOD gave Adam a work first before he brought a help. VERY IMPORTANT WOMEN, Your Core assignment is to Help, “If you are a woman and you are married to a man and his life doesn't improve then your essence is doubted”. If women in relationships can understand that, then they would be free. Your assignment is to help

Men take note: Don’t marry a woman just to birth your children but a woman that can also Birth your dreams. A woman is to move a man from being a prince to being a King. Do not follow a man because of television, Follow Him because of His Vision.

As a lady, do not follow a man who does not have a vision or purpose for his life. Ask, where are you going?? A Virtuous Woman is a crown unto her husband... meaning you enthrone him... He enters into his kingship by meeting you. [Prov 12 vs 4] If you can get these simple things, then you are set.


- Man you must have a Purpose, Vision, Clarity or an idea of where you are going, have a picture of where you want to be.

The Man should know his Vision and know where he is going and The Woman should know she is a helper. Many People just marry for the fun of it. They just like marriage and not the importance of it. Marriage itself is not a vision. If you just marry for the sake of it then you will be bored in it. What keeps the home interesting is the vision you keep together.

- Another reason why it is not good for a man to be alone is for Companionship. He would need companionship; Eccls 4 vs. 11 Warmth here is talking about companionship, friendship. It’s better to marry your friend. You must have friendship, communication and companionship.

First be friends before you can even think of marriage. Friendship is the only thing that would exist in a marriage that will stay till the end, Sex can go. But your friendship will remain till the end. When you marry your friend, you genuinely care for the person. “We don’t make friends, we discover friends

One of the reasons why we marry is that friendship and companionship. Meaning you start from friendship then move it into a covenant friendship, with friendship it is easy to love each other and it is easy to forgive each other.

Another reason why we marry is to Complement Each other. To help each other where you are weak. It is the coming together to complement each other that makes the marriage very effective. The things that are missing in a man, GOD put it in a woman. Both complement themselves.

GOD created Man to be work oriented and Women to be family oriented. If GOD made men and women both work oriented, they wouldn't even find the children in the morning.

Another reason why we marry is so that we can raise a Godly Seed, [Malachi 2:15] It takes Godly parents to raise Godly seeds, Be an inspiring parent that your children can look up to   

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