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Wednesday, August 21, 2013Omobaswagz H

Dear Readers,

As part of giving you maximum satisfaction and quality entertainment, Aloteda's Blogzine in Conjuction with Ibata Tv will be bringing to your viewing pleasure full length A-class nollywood movies to you FREE... Do Enjoy as you watch below.

Eagles Bride

Ikoku, the king's brother is a dishonest man. He is known for his treachery, dirty business and bloodshed. His strive to be the king seems glaring to everyone that he had to murder the only heir to the throne of Umume.

The way of the gods are mysterious as the gods asked the princess to marry a prince from a neighbouring village.

Though it seems Ikoku's dream has been thwarted by this new development, but his desperation wont let him quit until he sits on the throne and he has promised that the ears that does not listen will surely go to the grave with his head.

Movie Link (part 1) :
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Rules Of The Rich

This movie tells a story of how two good friends lived in abject poverty but through a stroke of luck, Donald (Nkem Owoh) stumbled on fortunes and calls his friend Okoro (John Okafor) lazy.

This movie 'Rules Of The Rich' is an hilarious comedy with alot of morals for us all. Don't see this movie if you have phobia for laughter. Be warned!

Movie Link (part 1) :
Movie Link (part 2) :
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Margaret Thatcher

Immaculate (Jackie Appiah) is cold hearted and bitter about her past as a young girl. She blames her religious family for this and would stop at nothing until she tears her family apart.

M ovie Link (part 1) :
Movie Link (part 2) :
Movie Link (part 1) :
Movie Link (part 2) :

Free Fall

Mccoy Yeboah (Kofi Adjorlolo) has a political ambition of becoming the president of Ghana. He stops everyone who comes his way. Navida (Nadia Buari), a barrister, finds herself in line with Mccoy Yeboah. Both hate to loose. If you have a taste for suspence, twist, passion and action packed movies, see this!

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