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#StartYourWeekRight By: @Lolli_phizzle "Surrounding Yourself With Positive People PT 1.."

Monday, August 19, 2013Omobaswagz H

The company you keep determines the accomplishment you make. A star player in the midst of uncooperative player can be turned into a poor player. It takes iron to sharpen iron. Prov.27:17.  Mind who you work with, carefully select your work companions. Prov.13:20

Never allow an unwilling, unexcited, unenthusiastic and pessimist to hang around you. Keep an excited company of workers to remain connected to inspiration.

Excited workers will help bring the best out of you. Whereas an unexcited person will demotivate you, freeze your brain, and drain your energy.. The type of people you move with or surround yourself with will mostly determine how far your progress will be in life..

In other to grow as a human being, in order to flourish in life, you need supportive people who you can connect with on a deep level..

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