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#StartYourWeekRight By: @Lolli_phizzle

Monday, August 05, 2013Omobaswagz H

It's a new week ….. again? And No matter what we do, Mondays will just keep coming. Wouldn't it be wonderful to launch them with an upbeat and positive foundation?

Packed with inspirational quotes and thought-provoking words, this series will help you do just that. With a quick read for each week, starting every Monday morning, you will find yourself enjoying renowned words of wisdom that would lead you in positive directions.

Want to grow, enjoy, ponder, and believe in yourself each Monday?  Then all you need do is Start Your Week Right.


As long as you are alive and reading this, Please know and understand that "Whatever it is you are going through\experiencing will get better because the only permanent thing in life is death… Don't give up, do not let this day pass over you..Get up, do something positive, fix your mistakes, make someone else smile and most important of all "Pray Until Something Happens"

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