Destiny Child Gospel Talent Hunt Auditions Kick Off in Abuja [Photos]

Thursday, August 29, 2013Omobaswagz H

U-cheena, Solomon Lange and Asu – Ekiye our  judges 
The second season of the  Kicked off last week in Abuja.  The auditions moved to Markurdi on Sunday (18th August) and were concluded Monday (19th August).

Here are photos from the auditions in Abuja alongside a diary the DCGTH team have kept so far.


Bright and early, despite the rainy and cold weather, a lot of people, young and old, turned out to begin a  journey in search of greatness, taking those first steps in the nationwide search for the Destiny Child who will stand above the multitude and against all odds will arise to proclaim the gospel of Jesus…. that one who attains the right to be crowned the destiny child.

It was a different ball game as U-cheena, Solomon Lange and Asu – Ekiye our  judges brought their ‘A-game, they merged to become one decision making body. Day one (1) was fun but, day two started with some surprises, with 67 people, who registered at the venue with complaints as to why they could n’t make it on day one.



The expectation from the judges rose as survivors of the day 1 screening where expected to be on top of their game with strong delivery, vocal quality and versatility. The YES and NO were the fears of all contestants as each contestant was expected to get 3 YES(s) to qualify to the next stage.

the executive producer

The anxiety  was intensified for those who could go on to the third round, the sadness and pain got worse for those who this stage would mark the end of their journey in this first edition. With green cards giving way to white tags and fierce competition ahead, the judges had streamlined the contestants from 75 to 50 wonderful gospel voices that will ultimately compete for the final two (2) spots, to represent the Abuja zone in the national competition.

The process lasted for hours and finally the top 5 emerged. After minutes of brainstorming, the judges selected the final two (2). It was an all-male affair as 2 men were finally selected . Congratulations to the selected contestants in Abuja.

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