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DEFINE YOUR WORLD: LitCaf Set To Make Nigeria's Indigenous Encyclopedia.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013Omobaswagz H

With the contributions of over 400 writers, and counting, LitCaf is set to make Nigeria’s first indigenous encyclopedia. Speaking on the necessity for the project, Tope Apoola, CEO, LitCaf discussed how the need for a well rounded story and well documented history can be instrumental even to the development of a nation.

We all have a story to tell, he said, either as individuals or as organizations. Our stories define public perception; our stories influence the projection of our identity. A well rounded story is powerful; it can change minds and command a following. But a well rounded story must be communicated properly, and in that regard, Nigeria, just like every other African country, is cheated.

On the models put in place to achieve the set objectives of the project, Gbenga Adeshina, who also spoke on the project said “the medium will be technology-driven. The encyclopedia will be an intelligent system of software, mobile applications and devices designed to ensure effective and reliable delivery of information to all stakeholders.

The LITCAF Encyclopedia will be accessible via web applications on the internet, mobile applications on smartphones and tablets and knowledge Hubs in public spaces like libraries, schools, malls, restaurants and so on.

Writers’ submissions are to be validated by academics and they are to be paid according to the volume of verified contents. 

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