3D Wall Panels/Boards

Bring Your Walls to Life With The Eco-friendly 3D Wall Panels/Boards

Tuesday, September 03, 2013Omobaswagz H

Introducing C.a PROJECTS LTD, a leading technology services company and a world leading multi- dimensional organization that provides quality services in projects consultancy, development and real estate management.

Readers allow me to introduce to you the eco-friendly 3D wall panels/boards. With this 3D wall panels it is easy to give your walls an extra dimension to transform your room, and creating accent walls in almost every room of your home, office or shop. When put together the tiles form a stunning pattern that would literally bring your walls to life. After installing them they can be painted in every colour which fits your interior or a new to be created style.

These wavy and textured 3d decorative wall panels can be easily installed in both domestic and commercial interior situations; and with a special waterproofing treatment can be used externally. 

At this moment there are different models of the 3d wall panel available in Nigeria, Yes I said Nigeria, so what are you waiting for, - Bring those walls in your homes back to life!

C.a PROJECTS LTD provides quality services in fabrications, installations, supplies of beautiful 3d boards, window blinds, stainless steel, wall panel, wooden and mild steel works, gates, hand railings, burglaries and stairs of various designs.  Management of interior and exterior building components.

Now that's what i call a 3D Board 
If you are interested and require further information please feel free to call 08028368306, or E-mail chika2@hotmail.co.uk 

You talk, they listen, and deliver .

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