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The MISTER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL is the search for the most adorable man in the world of African origin and will be the ambassador of Africa to the world , raising money for small scale businesses in Africa.

The Mister Africa International is produced by House of Twitch who organize the Mr Ideal Nigeria. 

Benin Republic: Billy Rose is a personal trainer and has featured on the reality TV show Gladiators

Africa Community ,Poland: Leke Oyedotun lives in Poland and he is a medical doctor in the making.

Burkina Faso: He is 18 years of age and the youngest competitor this year

Cameroon: Yann Supa loves to play basketball and has been a professional model for years 

Cape Verde: Mister Cape Verde Africa is the director of TJ angels who organise events that help young kids develop their talents.

Congo: J Philips has been modelling for years and if he wins Mister Africa International wants to use that platform to inspire other models

Equatorial Guinea: He loves to keep fit and believes a healthy body last longer

Gabon: he is an event planner and hopes to have his own TV show someday 

Gambia: Stands at 6 ft 7, he loves to model and hopes to use the Mister Africa International to break into acting 

Ghana: Derrick Twum is the CEO of MEM gym boys , an international group of fitness trainers that preach healthy living instead of gang wars. they are based in Ghana , London and will soon be in Nigeria and South Africa. 

Guinea: Daniel is an entertainer and loves to pose for the cameras 

Nigeria: Obeahon Fortune Davis was Mr Ideal Nigeria - runner up 2012.

Obeahon Fortune Davis
Obeahon loves to dance and intends to use his platform as Mister Africa International to start his own dance school 

Seirra Leone: Adonis Holi is an author and writes poems. he is also interested in acting 

Senegal: Aliou is an athlete and believes the proper diet gives the best shape

South Africa: Rudi has won the Mr Fitness SA , Mr United Nations and now is representing South Africa at the Mister Africa international.

He has raised money for different charities and also runs two guest lodges in South Africa.

Togo: he is referred to by his friends as having a sweet soul. Togo intends to open the eyes of the world to the beauty of Africa through tourism. He shows off as he prepares for MISTER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL

The Mister Africa International will be held on Sunday, October 7, 2012 from 7:30 PM to 9:30PM(PDT) London, United Kingdom For more information check them out on their facebook page .

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