A Must Read: World's ‘Ugliest Woman’ Gives Courageous Interview + Video

Friday, September 14, 2012Omobaswagz H

Miss Lizzie Velasquez from Austin, Texas, was born without any adipose tissue, meaning she does not have body fat and cannot gain weight. She has zero percent body fat and weighs just 60 pounds despite eating up to 60 small meals of high calorie food every 15-20 minutes to keep her energy level high, remains at a delicate 4.4stone (58lbs).. Even got bullied by strangers severally online, but despite all this she says she would not want to look like a beautiful celebrity. Scroll down for video
Miss Velasquez with her supportive family, mother Rita, father Lupe, brother Chris and sister Marima. No one else in her family has the syndrome
Be You the 23-year-old college senior shares advice on being unique, how to make and keep good friends and how to deal with bullying and negativity. Speaking to Dr Drew Pinsky on Tuesday night about her experiences, Miss Velasquez said when cyber bullies first started attacking her online it was hard.

Miss Velasquez doesn't take medication but she relies on vitamin supplements and iron to stay healthy.  It is thought she should be able to conceive naturally without passing the condition to her children.

Her new book is out on September 13.


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