Fela durotoye Pours out his Heart

Tuesday, June 05, 2012Omobaswagz H

Fela Durotoye wrote.

Our hearts write wt indescribable pain as we hear the personal stories of passengers on board & their families. Most times comfort can b found in words. But on rare occasions like this, comfort may not b found in words but perhaps only in d sounds of silence.

The human angle of these events tell mind-bugling stories such as that of Rev. Ayodeji Cole, d senior pastor of TREM Abuja who was on board the ill-fated plane with his wife, leaving their 3 children orphaned (d oldest;10 years old). I particularly feel this loss, as I also have 3 boys (and d oldest of my sons is also 10 years old). How do u tell these little children that daddy and mummy are never coming back?

How do you console the wife and daughter of the young, dynamic and ever-vibrant Pst. Akin Olumodeji, who was one of my very best buddies in House on D Rock (D Refuge), Abuja? Words fail me.

What do u say 2 d 3 year old son of Nadin Chidiak, a single mother whose son had spent the weekend in my brother’s house. My brother and sister-in-law have been starring at Nadin’s 3 year old son Bryan, with no clue as to how to break the news to him? Not that he would understand anyway. He’s only 3!!!!

What do you say to Ndako, a young and brilliant man I recently met, who lost his mother, sister, brother-in-law, their kids & nanny as they were flying down to Lagos for his wedding next weekend? Hmm

How do u console Titi Aikhomu, who lost her husbnd, Ehimen, my old-time buddy? How do u console his parents (Admiral Augustus Aikhomu) who watched Ehimen battle and overcome several crises as he grew up living with sickle cell.

What do you say to Rear Admiral Mike Aigbe who lost his wife, daughter and son-in-law in the twinkle of an eye? How do u console the grand-mother who was patiently waiting @home for her son, his wife & 3 children on-board?

What do I say to Onyinye (nee Okwuofo),(a former member of Eden Unilag and 1 of d founding beauty reps of Tara Orekelewa),who refuses 2 believe that her husband is gone, and keeps dialing his phone, hoping he’ll pick..Cherish every moment….(Life is Vanity)

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