Drake & Chris Brown Fight In the club, Chris Brown Gets Hit With A Bottle (Photos)

Thursday, June 14, 2012Omobaswagz H

Chaos ensued in New York City last night as Drake and Chris Brown got into a bloody brawl at the new, hot nightclub WIP in downtown Manhattan aka Manny-Hanny. Last night, glass was everywhere when Drake threw a bottle at Chris Brown leaving the Look At Me Now star with a gash on his chin.

Allegedly the fight started when Chris Brown sent a bottle over to Drake. That's when the Toronto rapper went face to face in the club with Chris and began arguing about Rihanna. Some believe Meek Mill may have instigated the fight, who was also in the club hanging out with Drake. However after words were exchanged, Drake punched Chris Brown in the face, and hit him in the mouth with a bottle before he could retaliate from the punch.
Chris brown posted a gruesome snap of his injury on his Twitter page, but later removed it.
Injured Chris Brown
There are reports that the two started throwing blows (and bottles!) over Chris’ ex girlfriend, Rihanna, who Drake is also rumored to have hooked up with … but we have not confirmed these reports
Scene of the fight

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