Rayce – Roll – Unppluged Version by Laolu

Tuesday, May 22, 2012Omobaswagz H

Laolu (also known as Ceekay)real name born Laolu Senbanjo. His first love and passion is his music. He’s a self-taught guitarist and has been playing for 3 years. He’s a true Renaissance man. He paints, draws, sings and plays. He has his own gallery in Abuja, “Afromysterics” where you can see some of his songs interpreted into art.

His current hit song, “Roll” is a cover originally done by Rayce. When Laolu went into the studio he originally had intended to record another song but he they were remixing “Roll” and he started to strum his guitar too it. A few hours later a remixed Acoustic version was finished and became a Laolu creation. This song was a spontaneous pleasure to make for him. Laolu likes to live in the moment and his art is a creation and a way to share and express an experience. He puts soul into all his art. Laolu schooled in Ilorin and is a lawyer. Currently he lives in Abuja. Check him out @ www.laolusenbanjo.com


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