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Nigerian producer turn singer Ayorinde Faboro (Jnr.) popularly known as ‘Dr. Frabz’ has shared his angle of the story in the reported misunderstanding between him and ‘Shank’. The pair was locked in a tweet-fight few weeks back when the reggae-styled singer, Shank, posted on his Timeline accusations to the producer, Dr. Frabz, of owing him. In a recent interview with hip TV, the beat-maker made clear his own side of the story saying;

It’s something childish shank has been doing; everyone who knows him know the kind of person he is. He’s my friend and I wouldn’t have reacted if not for Davido re-tweeting. Davido was too childish and he shouldn’t have re-tweeted in the first instance as he didn’t know the genesis of the matter. Anything that involves money, you should know that it will be definitely serious”.
I don’t owe shank, and he’s just being an ingrate. I did a couple of tracks for him free. I setup a studio for him as well and I never collected any money. Then he went on twitter saying I owed him shortly after a little misunderstanding we had in my studio after I did a song for him”.
He also shared his disappointment to the singer by saying; 
I am angry with him. How would he post such things on Twitter? He made me look unreliable. We have been friends for quite a while. I can vouch for him. He’s very talented. And one of the top three best song writer that I’ve worked with. Yet his attitude is very bad”.
click here to see the tweetWhen asked about Davido’s involvement in the incident, here is what he also had to say;
I don’t have anything to say because Davido is a kid. He’s also lucky to be at the right place at the right time. I don’t need to say anything to say to him. I’ve known him for a while and I’ve even done a track for him for free. It’s painful and annoying but I don’t demand an apology from him. If he feels he needs to apologize, he’s welcome to do so”.

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