Amebor Talk: They Say I Am Fake: Goldie

Thursday, May 24, 2012Omobaswagz H

Goldie said that Barbz told her that Maneta and Mampi don’t like her  and she’s fake which made her uncomfortable wondering why the two don’t like her !

The source of this conversation MUST have risen from Goldie’s fancy dress and the thick makeup she used. As the partners in gossip Mampi and Maneta were in the middle of their daily task (gossiping),Barbz went and told Goldie that she was the topic of their gossip and this made Goldie cry as the gossip girls were doing their work .

When Goldie met Prezzo in the bathroom, she told him that she was badly hurt by the two girls and wonders what she could do to stop this. She also added that all the wars in the house are caused by Mampi and Maneta. However, she said that she felt more comfortable with the way she was dressed up and also added that she even offered some outfits to the two girls after DBK told her to do what pleases her.
You go fear tatafoo. Dem say them say….na who say.

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