Tuesday, September 03, 2013Omobaswagz H

Today is my birthday.

It's kind of a big one.  I'm 28 today. wow

Today, I sat down and thought about the many things I would love to have as birthday gifts and the many visions I’m pursing. In all this, I’m not losing sight of the fact that if not for God I might have ended up dead, or somewhere begging for food & money, or using illegal means just to earn a living. I am where I am today, not by my power but purely by the grace of God and the support of the people who believed in me from the word go.  Its has been a great year for me I tell you, so many things have happen in my life this year but I’m still here Standing STRONG.

I actually did a birthday post last year; in case you missed that please check HERE. For now, let's talk about the birthday hehehe.

So yep, last night was a very beautiful night. Had a Skype call with the love of my life as she wished me a Happy Birthday, she sang for me and asked me to open the gifts she got for me and wow I couldn't believe what I saw……. Guess most of you saw my dp some days ago, well if you’d like to know what she got for me scratch here ********* ok im just kidding please check it  HERE

After much calls from my friends and loved ones I finally went to bed with a big smile on my face, woke up with an even bigger smile. I just feel really happy to have such a wonderful person in my life. My people, if there is anything I would advise you to do it would be Dating the right person, the bible says “A Virtuous Woman is a crown unto her husband”, for me I can say I’ve met my perfect match, she doesn’t only compliment me but she also nurses my dreams….soon and very soon she tells me she would birth my dreams. Agbeke you da best gift Life has ever given to me. "If I had the whole world to write on to express how much I love you, it wouldn't all fit" I love you Ayomi.

My family and friends are half way across the globe but they somehow felt really close to me. Today is my actual birthday, I can’t believe that.

My social media pages like Twitter & Facebook PAGE has been pinging all day with birthday messages from friends, family members and well wishers.

So I decided to reflect on my year and see how I have faired : so join me as I take you round my world.

Having A Relationship With God- One thing I purposed in my heart this year was to have a fellowship with God. And I'm so glad, I found God and I can Categorically tell you its been a wonderful experience with my Oga at the top...

Making New and Positive Friends – Making friends as an adult is quite tasking and hard, Like my Pastor would say If you wanna know real people, You be real... So I took a cue from him and decided 2 be real and down to earth and by doing that I made great new friends who have impacted immensely in my life.

New Skills - I have learned so much this past year, improved my blogging skills and my computer skills but more importantly I’m a better writer than I was a year ago.  Learnt how to also design some cool stuffs, people that have seen my works can testify to this.

Change - Change as we all know is a constant element of life. I wanted to meet new and interesting people, to be challenged and inspired, to learn something new, to have an adventure, and the opportunity to be creative. I also wanted to ‘get over’ some past traumas which really got me depressed and I thank God and some other great friends who helped me get back on my feet.

Thank you guys for taking time out of very busy schedule to read this piece

I am grateful to everyone that has sent in a birthday message, tweet and gifts. I Hope I have been able to touch lives this year, Thank you once again and God bless you.

Mwah xoxo

Special Special shoutout to my lovely sister inlaw Mrs. Shola Adekoya, we actually share the same birthday, she has played a major role in my life this year and no other way to appreciate her than to put it in writing, god bless You Abundantly

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